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HQ Scene150 1150

"It's almost Foolproof"

JustRoster client

JustRoster has been designed to be as intuitive as possible and make the user experience very straight forward.

With practically no instruction, a new user should be able to work out how to add staff, clients, locations and shifts with ease.  If they do get stuck, the orange 'Show me how ...' tab at the bottom of every page will provide the answer.

Users soon discover different ways JustRoster can provide valuable support in managing their workload.

A number of client's have added their vehicles into the Staff list so they can track vehicles warrant of fitness and registrations, upload service records against the relevant vehicle and can track any incidents they have been involved in.

The flexibility JustRoster offers means you are not limited on how to use the system; tailor it to meet your industry, business and specific needs.