Multi-level Rostering

Cleraly define the roles your staff are working.

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Real flexibility

JustRoster is a dynamic and user-friendly platform that can manage a standard roster where staff work the same shifts every week, a complex roster where shifts change every week, or a mix of both.

Multi-level rostering provides 3 levels that can be used;

Level 1 = Client (or department)

Depending on the user's needs, this can represent a Client Location, Shop or a Department 

Level 2 = Location. 

Users can add as many locations/clients as required.

Level 3 = Sub-locations.

If needed, Sub-locations allow the user to further define a role at a Location.

JustRoster is capable of managing a wide range of roster requirements, from simple to complex and does so with accuracy and ease, giving you the peace of mind that nothing is missed.