JustRoster App

With a single click

App sml150 1150

Fully briefed

Provide your staff with all the information they need to competently complete the roll they have been assigned.

Advise them;

  • Where and when the job is
  • How to get from their location to the job
  • Information tailored to the specific role, including what is expected from them
  • Uniform, certifications, and equipment required
  • Hazards, health, safety, and welfare for their role

All directly to their smartphone.

Increased accountability

Staff 'Accept' the shift from their phone, acknowledging they have read and understood what is required of them.

They then receive a 3 hour reminder notification of their next shift.

The App also shows them their next 10 shifts.


The messenger feature provides a single means of communication between staff and management.  No need to text or e-mail, all communications are in one place.


Receive real-time incident reports including images from your staff directly to your computer, tablet or phone.