This award-winning software tackles these challenges head-on, eliminating hours of administration work for businesses where having the right people in the right place every time is critical.

JustRoster removes ‘human error’ from the equation, decreases workload and stress while improving confidence, productivity, and business protection levels.

Whats Important To You?

As a business owner or manager, the range of on-line rostering software is simply too great to assess each and discover which system suits your business the best.

Changing systems is time consuming and expensive.

This can be such a daunting task that sticking with your excel spreadsheets or the current system (that doesn't really do the job) can seem like the best idea.

It's not!

JustRoster transforms clutter and confusion into structured simplicity.  It tracks any critical information and protects against mistakes being made.

It's user friendly, accurate, affordable, and most importantly, fool proof.

Let us show you how JustRoster works and you will soon see just how easy and stress free the accurate rostering of your staff can actually be.

Award winning style

Originally designed to manage the strict requirements of the security industry, JustRoster recently won 'Outstanding new product or services' at the 2018 New Zealand Security Awards.

The flexibility offered means almost any business can adapt JustRoster to their needs.

JustRoster is marketed internationally to Cleaning Companies, Construction, Transport, Accommodation, and more.

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Remove Human Error

The JustRoster system is so accurate and user friendly that one client said "It's simply Fool Proof!.  My operations staff just can't get it wrong no matter how new they are!".

Remove the chance of 'human error' impacting on your business ever again.

Relax with the peace of mind knowing that regardless of who is completing your roster, EVERY staff member meets the client, legislative, and industry requirements for the job.

Every time, without fail.

Informed Staff

No more txt messages.

No more excuses.

Communication with your staff is dramatically improved through the fully integrated App.

Tailored briefing, 3-hour shift reminders, GPS controlled ‘map to shift’ and ‘clock in/out’ guarantees staff are fully informed while improving communicate via Messenger with their managers and allows for incidents to be reported in real time (including images) from the front line.


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JustRoster will assist with so much of your workload, you will find it had to believe the job is actually done...

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An App for ease

Planning completed, only the right people in each shift regardless of who's completing the roster, time to advise ...

certifications150 660

Right people, every time!

JustRoster's use of certifications allows you to ensure only correctly trained and authorised staff are ever deployed ...

Multi level150 660

Multi-Level rostering

JustRoster is a dynamic and user-friendly platform that can manage a standard roster where staff work the same shifts every week ...

Business or Businesses150 660

Business or Businesses

JustRoster easily meets the requirements of a business at a single location with recurring weekly shifts ...

Briefing150 660

Knowledge is power

JustRoster guarantees your staff are fully briefed on all expectations for the role and made aware of relevant ...

HQ Scene150 660

So Easy

JustRoster has been designed to be as intuitive as possible and make the user experience very straight forward.

Access Control150 660

Access Control

User level access control allows you to give staff access to JustRoster that matches their role.  While maintaining privacy ...

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