Introducing an affordable, comprehensive and
easy to use staff management software.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your investment is covered by the best people for the job.

Built for real life

JustRoster works closely with partners who use our software in their daily operations. These partnerships provide us with crucial insights of a business’s day by day needs to build our product.

The focus of JustRoster is solving the real pain-points of your daily operations.

Easy to use

Built from the ground up with simplicity in mind, easily navigate and manage your business.

Thanks to on-going usage in the operations management of our partners, we are able to ensure maximal usability.


Manage your shifts over multiple locations, repeated as well as irregular shifts, different roles and requirements with our comprehensive software solution.

Our focus is to provide a software that works for you.

All you need

JustRoster offers more than just rostering shifts. We offer:

  • Tracking of certifications
  • Incident management
  • Management of blacklisting
  • Tracking of equipment
Foundation membership

Foundation membership

We are turning coffee into code to make your life easier.

While JustRoster already offers a comprehensive and effective rostering system, we are still in the development phase and we could use your help.

By becoming a Foundation Partner, you will help us develop JustRoster into a dynamic rostering system for businesses of all sizes.

As you commit to help us we do the same: As long as you stay with us you get access to all new features and we will not increase your charge - ever.



There is more coming. We need your experience.

For the upcoming development phases we will need your ideas and input. Shortly we will publish a roadmap outlining the major steps where our product is going to take you. Any feedback is much appreciated.

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