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So what is JustRoster?

JustRoster is an affordable and easy to use Staff Management system.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your investment is covered by the best people for the job.

Foundation Partners

While JustRoster already offers a comprehensive and effective rostering system, we are still in the development phase and we could use your help.

By becoming a Foundation Partner, you will help us develop JustRoster into a dynamic rostering system for businesses of all sizes.

Whats in it for you?

A very affordable rostering system and a guarantee that your rate will never increase as long as you remain involved. There is no contract period.

In return for your support, you will receive full access to the site including any 'Add On's' developed in the future.

Future Developments

Forecasted future developments include;

  • Staff App so staff can interact from their phone
  • Training Add On to manage staff training requirements
  • Comprehensive reporting system
  • Health and Safety Add On to ensure staff are current with requirements

Simplicity to make you and your staff smile.


Roster Staff
Manage Leave
Monitor Performance


Accurately track your smaller investments
Who has uniform
What equipment has been issued to staff

Staff Management

Manage staff performance
Control deployment of authorised personnel
Monitor Licenses and Certificates

Easy to use

Built from the ground up with simplicity in mind, easy to navigate and manage your locations.


Become a Foundation Member and enjoy all future developments for the same low rate. We do not increase our rates.


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